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Why Tremayne Guitar

Tremayne Guitar came to be as a result of my passion for guitars and making music.  As a musician, you develop certain playing styles and techniques.  You also develop habits regarding the care and maintenance of your equipment.  Some maintenance is rather routine - other processes become more complex.  Whether trying to properly put on a new set of strings, or installing a new set of pickups with custom wiring, Tremayne Guitar would love to help make your life a little less complicated.

Quality Work - Your guitar will receive the same care and attention to detail that I give to my own instruments.  Based on your playing style, I will set your guitar up to your specifications.  I will ask you to play your guitar and I will make all necessary "final" adjustments before you take it home, hit the road, hit the studio or wherever you may be going.

Quick Service - I want to get your instrument back to you as quickly as possible.  Some work can be completed in hours, depending on my workload.

Guitar Setup - A setup on your guitar is probably the most cost-effective thing you can do to improve its playability Fender Custom Shop '56 NOS Stratocasterand performance.  Professional and avid players will typically get their guitars set up prior to going into the studio or going on the road.  Based on time duration, climate changes, string gauge change, or any moderate to major repair work, a setup should become routine.  When I perform a guitar setup, I follow this process:
 • Inspect the guitar
 • Check guitar playability
 • Adjust truss-rod as needed (neck relief)
 • Adjust tuner tension (if applicable)
 • Remove old strings
 • Clean body, neck and fingerboard
 • Restring and adjust action
 • Set intonation
 • Balance / adjust floating tremolo bridge (if so equipped)
 • Recheck neck relief
 • Recheck action and intonation
 • Adjust pickup heights
 • Polish guitar
Should your instrument require any work that would affect the setup, you will be notified prior to the setup being performed.

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