Welcome to Tremayne Guitar


Guitars - Most services are available for acoustic, acoustic electric, electric and bass model guitars.

   »  Compete Setup
      - clean and polish guitar
      - check and adjust tuners
      - adjust neck truss rod
      - inspect, clean and lubricate bridge and nut
      - light fret polishing
      - re-string guitar
      - floating tremolo adjustment
      - adjust string action
      - set intonation
      - adjust pickup height

   »  Electronics
      - pickup replacement
      - potentiometer replacement
      - selector switch replacement
      - toggle switch and push-pull pot replacement
      - output jack replacement
      - ground and other wire replacement
      - total custom rewiring

 »  Other General Services
      - install strap buttons
      - fret leveling, crowning & polishing
      - new tuner installation

Amps - Limited service on amplifiers is available.

   »  General Services
      - speaker replacement
      - tube replacement
      - tube biasing (if applicable)
      - Amp modifications

Vacuum Tube Testing / Analysis - Tubes tested and matched with an Amplitrex AT1000 Tube Tester


Custom Guitar Builds - Have you ever thought about owning a Custom Stratocaster® or Telecaster® style guitar, built to your specifications?  Drop me a note I will work with you on your spec and provide you with a quote.  You may be surprised at how affordable that custom dream guitar might be.

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